Genuine MB-D12 Battery Hand Grip

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The MB-D12 multi-power battery pack increases the maximum frame advance rate to 6 frames per second * and extends autonomous operating time when using batteries. It is ergonomically designed for improved grip with the camera in the vertical shooting position and is powered by eight AA-size standard batteries or a specific Nikon battery (for battery compatibility, see ��Related Products�� below). Features alternative shutter-release button, multi-selector and AF start buttons for use when holding the camera in the vertical shooting position, as well as secondary main- and sub command dials.

In The Box
  1. Nikon Genuine MB-D12 Battery Hand Grip
  2. Nikon Genuine MB-D12 Battery Hand Grip
  3. AA Battery holder
  4. AA Battery holder
  5. EN-EL15 Battery holder
  6. EN-EL15 Battery holder
  7. Contact Cap
  8. Contact Cap
  9. Holder Case
  10. Holder Case