Exilim EX-TR80 selfie camera Self-Portrait Digital Camera
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The ever-advancing quest for better selfies begets better and faster selfie-snapping technology. As such, Casio updated their selfie camera range with more features and better algorithms in their new Exilim EX-TR80.

The new selfie camera packs a 3.5-inch LCD display that’s 30% larger than its predecessor. To help take better photos in darker places, the EX-TR80 now comes with double LED lights that illuminate the subject.
  • Mirror-image shooting for inverted selfies (important, unless the ‘good side’ of your face happens to be both sides)
  • Core touch-up features (Smooth Skin, Face Brightness, Sculpt, Dark Circles Remover, and Slim Face)
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity (that allows a user to start the camera up from a smartphone app)
  • Cloud-based photo-sharing via its Scene app.
In The Box
  1. Casio Exilim EX-TR80 selfie camera Self-Portrait Digital Camera (White)
  2. Charger Adapter
  3. Micro USB Cable