instax mini 8 Minion Camera + Instant Film 10 Shot
(Despicable Me)
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Snap fun photos like a Despicable Me agent with this Instax Mini 8 Minion instant camera. Its 1/60 shutter speed lets you capture spontaneous moments quickly, and its brightness adjustment dial automatically optimizes its settings for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. The movie-inspired silicone pants accessory of this Instax Mini 8 Minion instant camera works as a cover and stand.
  • Specially designed mini 8 with Minion graphics
  • Offers a stylish and fun look.
  • Fujinon lens
  • Features the 60mm focal length, two components, two elements, and 1:12.7 magnification that lets you snap high-quality photos.
  • 0.37x real viewfinder
  • Helps frame your shots.
  • Brightness adjustment dial
  • Allows you to select from f/12.7 (indoors, night), f/16 (cloudy, shade), f/22 (sunny, slightly cloudy), and f/32 (sunny and bright) apertures for customized use.
  • Manual exposure-switching system
  • Features a flashing LED indicator that recommends an ideal setting.
  • High-key mode
  • Enables you to capture softened images for a dramatic effect.
  • Exposure counter and film pack confirmation window
  • Keep you informed how many unexposed films are remaining.
  • Constant-firing flash
  • Automatically adjusts its power to optimize your photos. The 0.2-6 sec. recycling time allows you to quickly snap photos, and the 2'-8.9' flash range allows you to shoot in dimly lit areas.
  • Instant print
  • Makes it easy to share special moments with your friends and family.
  • Silicone camera stand/cover
  • Offers additional protection and a Minion-like style.
In The Box
  1. Camera
  2. Case
  3. Strap
  4. Battery
  5. Film
Fujinon 60mm f/12.7
2 components, 2 elements
0.37x real image finder with target spot
Film Type
Fujifilm instax mini type
Picture Size
2.13 x 3.4" / 54 x 86 mm
Focusing Range
Fixed focus: 2' / 61 cm to infinity
Shutter Speed
1/60 sec.
Exposure Control
Auto exposure measurement with manual switching system (flashing LED indicates recommended setting)
Built-in constant firing flash with automatic light adjustment
Effective Flash Range
2-8.9' / 0.6-2.7 m
Auto Power Off
5 min.
Power Source
2 x AA batteries
4.6 x 4.7 x 2.7" / 116 x 119.3 x 68.2 mm
10.8 oz / 307 g